Health + fitness

Team Neale is highly educated and experienced and is prepared to handle any health or fitness goal. We stick to our core philosophy of training for longevity, so you can expect your results to last, without fearing injury.

Training servicesDescription
Personal training

Address every fitness goal
—1-on-1 or group sessions and in-home sessions available 
Heart health

Decrease heart disease risk
—High blood pressure and cholesterol,
diabetes ​and pre-diabetes, obesity, physical
inactivity, unhealthy diet
Weight loss
Custom workouts and diet advice to help boost metabolism
Chronic pain management
Repair your body and reduce discomfort
—Joint, back and neck pain, muscle ache, stiffness
Postpartum recovery
Regain strength, lose pregnancy weight,
increase energy
Senior empowerment
Improve balance, strength, independence

athletic performance

Team Neale Performance Coaches work with all levels of sports performance, from middle school recreational teams, to preparation for the Olympics. We combine injury prevention techniques with performance training. Our goal is to not only bring you to your fullest potential, but keep you in the game.

Performance servicesDescription
Strength and conditioning
Train to perform at your maximum potential
—1-on-1 or group sessions available 
Speed and agility training
Improve acceleration and change of direction
Plyometric training
Increase your vertical jump and explosiveness   
Strength training
Increase your strength and joint stability
Running economy
Decrease impact and injury rate
—Improve your race times
Olympic weight lifting

Decrease injury rate by training correct
technique and progression

—Snatch and relevant variations
—Clean & jerk and relevant variations


Since 2016, Team Neale has implemented metabolic testing—taking the guess work out of nutrition. Our Nutritionist will provide precise meal plans for any goal.

Nutrition servicesDescription
Metabolic testing
Discover your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and determine how many calories you really burn
Body composition testing
Full body and individual site body fat percentage measurements
Meal plan development
A custom meal plan to help you accomplish your weight goals
Nutritional counseling
Meet with our licensed nutritionist to tweak your plan 
Weight management protocols
Gain or lose weight in a healthy manner


For the individual or team that wants to know where they rank among their peers, our team will design and implement custom evaluations and programming. We will give you an accurate explanation of strengths and weaknesses, and a specific model to address your individual or team goals.

Consulting servicesDescription
Fitness experts
Provide insight on fitness trends and are always available to give advice on exercise selection and proper technique
Custom evaluations and assessments

Including but not limited too:
—Athletic Standard, Functional Movement Screening, USTA High Performance Athlete, running economy, sprint mechanics, joint stability and flexibility, body composition, hand eye coordination
Program design

For the individual or team:
—Preparatory periods, off-season, pre-season, pre-competition, tapering, recovery